Systems Analysis & Design

Systems Analysis & DesignWould you build a house without first making blueprints?  Would you buy a car that was designed on the fly?  Do you ever wonder why so many businesses build their computer systems without analyzing their needs or planning their implementation?  We use system analysis and design methodologies that are time-tested and demanded by your larger competitors to deliver a system that works the way you need it to from the get-go.

Systems Analysis and Design is an iterative methodology that goes through various stages.  When a potential project is identified, planning begins.  A group of stakeholders is brought together to identify goals and system requirements.  A group is tasked to analyze needs and existing work flow.  Users are interviewed, and ideas are vetted for cost effectiveness and priority.  Software is evaluated, data integration and work flow requirements are considered, implementation is mapped out, and total costs are estimated.  Implementation is guided by a project manager, who keeps all participants and stakeholders on target with the project timeline.  Testing is done on various levels and the finished units are evaluated for quality and usability.  When perfected, the system will be deployed in whole or in part, according to plan and results.

Additionally, we provide ERP system acquisition consulting services.  An ERP system is a major purchase for any business, and the chosen system will determine your internal efficiency for the next 5 to 20 years.  For these reasons, identifying the best system is critical to the economic health and viability of your organization.  The rarity of these purchases means that your organization has little if any institutional knowledge about how to select a great system.  Regardless, ERP systems have evolved greatly in recent years, creating new considerations that were not addressed during your prior purchasing cycle.  No organization should make a purchase of this size without outside, independent guidance to ensure a good fit.  Commerce Technologies knows the technology, jargon, industry structure, industry practices, competitive landscape, pitfalls and opportunities, and can guide your organization to a successful purchase and implementation.  Call us today to discuss our services.