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ERP Solutions

Man drawing ERP chartBusiness Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software - Accounting, inventory, front office, CRM customer relationship managment, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, EDI electronic data interchange, MRP manufacturing requirements planning, payroll and HR human resources, supply chain management, project management, B2B business to business websites, B2C business to consumer websites, custom programming, Android and iPhone apps, and more.

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AccountMate ERP

AccountMate Logo AccountMate is a real-time, customizable financial and business management software designed to address the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It takes advantage of the speed of client/server technology and the latest productivity-enhancing tools in Microsoft's suite of products to help you better manage your business.

Since 1984, AccountMate Software Corporation has provided customers with powerful and flexible accounting and business management software. AccountMate provides the most stable and technologically innovative modifiable accounting solutions for growing companies. The accounting systems are sold by the module which enables customers to acquire the software they initially need and add modules as their business needs evolve. The availability of source code makes this software highly modifiable so that it can be adapted to any changing business environment.

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DataSave™ Backup Technology

Finally, a backup program that doesn't require installation or a manual. DataSave™ is the world's only truly User-Friendly Backup. Just three simple steps:  Plug your DataSave™ drive into a USB port on your PC or laptop; Launch the program; Click "Start Backup". Your precious photos, your music, documents, email, and other data is copied to your drive. It isn't backed up to a server somewhere in "The Cloud". And, if you need to recover data, it takes minutes with DataSave™. If you're data's in the Cloud, recovery can take days.

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Accounts Payable

Accounts PayableWith AccountMate's Accounts Payable module, you can avoid duplicate invoices and late payments, require that invoices entered into the system be supported by purchase orders, and automatically take advantage of early-payment discounts. AccountMate simplifies the payment process by supporting credit card payments and check issuance directly after an AP invoice is recorded. It can manage payments to various types of 1099 vendors and prints the applicable 1099-MISC forms. When integrated with AccountMate's Purchase Order module, you have a complete vendor and purchasing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendors and your cash flow.

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Custom Programming

Custom ProgrammingWe have provided custom programming services to southern California businesses for 22 years.  We have experience in all facets of business software, including Front Office Applications, Accounting, Inventory, Android and iPhone Apps, CRM customer relationship managment, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, EDI electronic data interchange, MRP manufacturing requirements planning, B2B business to business websites, B2C business to consumer websites, and more. 

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Accounts Receivable

Accounts ReceivableWith AccountMate's Accounts Receivable module, you have the power of a complete invoicing, receivable, customer and inventory management system so you can always provide customers with prompt service. The Sales Order, Return Merchandise Authorization, Pricing Control, Upsell Management, Customer Inventory Manager and Inventory Specification modules can be integrated with Accounts Receivable to create a complete order entry, customer returns, billing and receivables system, providing better customer and inventory management.

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Systems Analysis & Design

Systems Analysis & DesignWould you build a house without first making blueprints?  Would you buy a car that was designed on the fly?  Do you ever wonder why so many businesses build their computer systems without analyzing their needs or planning their implementation?  We use system analysis and design methodologies that are time-tested and demanded by your larger competitors to deliver a system that works the way you need it to from the get-go.

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Bank Reconciliation

Bank ReconciliationKeeping an accurate tab on your cash flow is an important part of your business and AccountMate's Bank Reconciliation module makes it a breeze. With the Bank Reconciliation module you can record miscellaneous disbursements, receipts and bank transfers not recorded in other AccountMate modules, indicate which transactions have cleared your banks and then reconcile their book entries to the bank statements. You can also set up bank accounts and define the currency in which transactions will be shown for each one. You can view your current bank account balance, the last reconciled bank statement balance and the total amount of unreconciled bank transactions, keeping you informed of your company's real-time cash position.

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Business Alerts

Licensed Users can use the many predefined alerts to send emails to specific individuals or groups that need to be aware of a situation that has just occurred or a reminder to take some action. These email alerts can be administered to send an alert to one specific person or to a specified group of people. No longer do people have to read reports and manually send off an email. Proper alerts can be scheduled by an Administrator who names the appropriate addressee and then when a condition is met, emails are sent automatically.

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Business Analysis

Business AnalysisGain real-time insight and discover trends into your business performance by using AccountMate Business Analysis. Anyone who uses spreadsheets has simple, yet powerful capabilities to gather and analyze business information. You can easily build or create custom reports, which allow you to accelerate decision-making with in-depth financial reporting. AccountMate Business Analysis also gives you the ability to create a single Microsoft Excel template for multiple report generations. Pre-built drag and drop Excel functions, reports and business intelligence provide commonly-accessed configurations to help you save time, money and start delivering results immediately.

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