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System Service & Support

Customer Support Representative

Service and support are core components of our business. This means we respond quickly to your requests for service and we insure your systems are up and running when you need them. We often work outside normal business hours because we recognize the high cost of having your employees sitting idle while their computers are down for repair or maintenance. And, if a server or PC is down, we are onsite within two hours, because we recognize that if your server is down, you're out of business. 


Without a doubt, the most critical component of any business network is the company's data. Loss of that data can be catastrophic to any company, so we work with our clients to develop disaster recovery plans that insure business continuity in the face of any disaster. We identify mission critical systems and develop detailed plans for their continued operation, even in the face of hardware failures. We minimize downtime by planning for disaster and recovery before disaster strikes. And, our backup plans insure that, in the event of a catastrophic event, your company will experience minimal loss of data.


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