Network Design & Installation

Image by Taylor Vick

For over 30 years, Commerce Technologies LLC has been designing and implementing networks for small and medium-size businesses. The foundation of that network design is the highest-quality hardware available, including genuine Intel Motherboards and CPUs. We chose Intel for one simple reason: reliability.


Your network is the heart of your business, and we understand that if your server is down, you're out of business. That's why we build our own servers, PCs and laptops. These are business-grade systems, designed and built to provide you the speed and reliability you need to enhance your business. We chose early on to build systems that improve the operation of your business and reduced downtime. We focus on business continuity and disaster recovery in order to limit the time necessary to recover from any disaster. That is why we don't use reconditioned or end-of-life parts to keep our prices down. You probably never thought you could buy a new computer built with reconditioned parts, so we've included this statement directly from Dell's limited warranty:


"Dell Computer Corporation (“Dell”) manufactures its hardware products from parts and components that are new or equivalent to new in accordance with industry-standard practices". That warranty statement goes on for eight pages, focusing on the limits of your warranty. For the full Dell limited warranty, click this link:


Our warranty is simple: If your hardware fails within our warranty period, we'll fix it and get you back up and running as soon as possible. If your hard drive fails during the warranty period, we'll not only replace the hard drive, but we'll reinstall the operating system and your programs, and if possible, we'll retrieve the data from your failed hard drive or restore your data from backup.


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