DataSave™ Backup Software

 Hard Drive

DataSave™ Backup Software is the most User Friendly Backup on the Market.


No need to install any backup program, DataSave™ runs on an external drive. And there is not need for multiple licenses. You can backup as many PCs or Servers as you can fit on your external drive. The only limitation is the size of the external backup drive.

Why did we do this?  Because most people don't backup their data until they have lost everything.  So we created the world's easiest backup utility. Just plug in your external drive, start the backup and in a few minutes you have a complete copy of all data. This isn't a .bak file, it's a complete copy, so you can use it to move data as well.

Yes, you can backup to the "Cloud". But do you know where your data goes and who has access to it? And, when your system crashes, do you know how long it takes to download all your data over the Internet? With DataSave™, your data is in your hands. And you can restore simply by copying and pasting or by plugging the drive into another PC and all your data is there.

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